salvia (sage)

La salvia: Sage is a popular herb in Italian cooking, especially in Tuscany. It is often used with white meats like pork and veal and in butter sauces. Veal saltimbocca, a Roman dish, uses fresh sage, and sage with butter is often served with ravioli. Salviata, a Tuscan sage pudding, highlights sage as the main flavoring ingredient.

salvia fresca (fresh sage)
fogle di salvia (sage leaves)
foglioline di salvia (small leaves of sage)

semi (seeds)

I semi: Seeds such as i semi di mostarda (mustard seeds), i semi di carvi (caraway seeds), etc. Also kernels.

il seme singular

semi di papavero (poppy seeds)

i semi di papavero (n): poppy seeds
Aggiungete i semi di papavero. Add the poppy seeds.