abbacchio (baby lamb)

L’abbacchio: The meat of a young lamb. Typically slaughtered while still milk-fed yielding a very pale meat with a delicate flavor. A specialty of Rome. Compare with agnello (lamb).

gli abbacchi plural

acciuga (anchovy)

L’acciuga: A small fish caught along the coast of Italy and usually preserved in salt (acciughe sotto sale) or oil (filette di acciuga sott’olio). Both types are widely used in Italian cooking.

le acciughe plural

Also known as alice.

acetosa (sorrel)

La acetosa: Sorrel, a leafy plant used in salads and soups. Also called herba brusca.

al sangue (rare)

Al sangue (adj): Rare. Used in reference to degree of doneness of cooked meat. Literally, “bloody.”

albume (egg white)

l’albume (n): egg white
le albumi Plural

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