antiaderente (nonstick)

Antiaderente (adj.): Nonstick, usually describing a pan or surface. From the verb aderire (to stick, adhere).

Sciogliete il burro in una padella antiaderente. (Melt the butter in a nonstick pan.)

apribottiglie (bottle opener)

L’apribottiglie (n): Bottle opener.

Dove sono l’apribottiglie? Where is the bottle opener.

Gli apribottigle plural

While based on bottiglia (fem), apribottiglie is masculine. Nonetheless, you may also see it spelled apribottigla.

girarrosto (rotating device for a roast)

Il girarrosto: A device used to rotate a spit over a fire. Older versions used a clockwork type mechanism, or even animal power—contemporary versions are usually electric. Similar to a rotisserie.

i girarrosti plural

mestolo formato (slotted ladel or spoon)

il mestolo formato (n): slotted or open ladle. Literally “drilled ladle.” There are a variety of patterns from drilled holes to slots or wire patterns. It is used for deep frying or lifting items from a boiling pot. Il mestolo formato e molto utile per scolare gli ortaggi dall’acqua bollente. The slotted ladle is very useful for draining the vegetables from boiling water.

See also: ragno

i mestoli formati Plural

padella (frying pan)

La padella: A shallow round pan with sloping sides frequently used in Italian cooking for frying, sauteing and for finishing pasta after it has been drained. A frying pan or skillet.

le padelle plural

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