affettatartufi (truffle slicer)

An instrument for slicing truffles.

affogato (drowned, poached)

Affagato: Literally, “drowned.” Most often used in the context of poached eggs (le uova affogate) or more generically food cooked in water. Also used in reference to ice cream, as in l’affogato al caffè, ice cream covered with hot coffee.

adjective: affogato masculine singular, affogati masculine plural,
affogata feminine singular, affogate feminine plural
noun: l’affagato

aggiungere (to add)

Aggiungere (v): To add, add to. The second person plural imperative is generally used in instructions: aggiungete.

Aggiungete i pelati spezzettati. Add the chopped tomatoes.

agrodolce (sweet and sour)

Agrodolce (adj.): Sweet and sour, used mainly in reference to sauces or marinades that combine sugar and vinegar or other variations on sweet and acidic.

al sangue (rare)

Al sangue (adj): Rare. Used in reference to degree of doneness of cooked meat. Literally, “bloody.”

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