affettatartufi (truffle slicer)

An instrument for slicing truffles.

batticarne (meat pounder)

la batticarne: A utensil for pounding meat and poultry, it is usually formed of a heavy disk of metal with a handle. It is used for pounding chicken breasts and slices of veal into scaloppine. A rolling pin makes a reasonable substitute. A meat tenderizer has an uneven surface and should not be used as a batticarne.

le batticarne plural

girarrosto (rotating device for a roast)

Il girarrosto: A device used to rotate a spit over a fire. Older versions used a clockwork type mechanism, or even animal power—contemporary versions are usually electric. Similar to a rotisserie.

i girarrosti plural

padella (frying pan)

La padella: A shallow round pan with sloping sides frequently used in Italian cooking for frying, sauteing and for finishing pasta after it has been drained. A frying pan or skillet.

le padelle plural